Warmly received poster for OONA - 11/25/11
When I went to Caught in Motion's CD unveiling show, I got radically inspired when I heard OONA perform, so I went home and worked on a poster for them. Lead singer Oona Gathwaite responded warmly and said that we could work on limited edition prints and T-shirts.

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It's the motion of the ocean - 11/23/11
Banah Winn of Caught in Motion is relatively overjoyed with the finished product of the new poster I made for him. Hopefully you'll be seeing this poster floating around (possibly on T-shirts) in 2012.

Work progresses on an MGMT poster - 11/10/11
Hugh assigned us our final project in illustration. I chose to do a poster for my boys, MGMT. The final product will, of course, be a surprise. So stay vigilant, you should be seeing this magnificent opus before the year is out. I'll be sending it to the boys in lieu of the finished first volume of "Mystic Bullshit", seeing as I lost my damned notebook...

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A humble meeting of the minds - 08/11/11
Meeting MGMT was a real thrill. They were painfully shy, which was refreshing. I enjoyed a Stella Artois while Storm Thorgeson rattled on and on (and on) about the good old Pink Floyd days and Andrew and Ben ate it up. Only had half a second to talk to them about my comic, "Mystic Bullshit", but in that half a second they seemed pretty pumped about the idea. I just hope school won't get in the way too much of my completing the grueling three volume series.

Finished MGMT poster project - 12/09/11
Finished my MGMT Scooby-Doo themed Halloween poster. Thinking of sending it to the band. Might possibly keep it and wait until MGMT plays here and will hand it to them personally.

Well, it's been fun, but it's time for me to hit the road again. After finishing a year working at IGN, I was fortunate enough to be brought on as a Production Intern at 2k Marin, home of Bioshock 2, where I worked on The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. Now that my time here has come to an end, I've updated my portfolio and intend to send it to other Take Two Interactive subsidiaries and local Bay Area studios. I'll never forget what I learned here. Especially Unreal Engine. Huzzah!

2k Marin Internship Over - 07/03/13
Illustrations with Theron - 08/23/13
About a month ago Theron, owner of the San Francisco Art Exchange and my ex-boss, approached me to do the illustrations for a children's book he wrote. I just finished and soon we'll be approaching publishers! You can see two examples of the illustrations I did in my gallery. Wish us luck!

Finally! New work is up - 02/10/15
Soooo... It's been more than a year since I last updated my site, and in that time I've gone back to school! Now, I've finally updated my gallery page to include the better/awesome/new work I've done since starting at the Academy of Art last year. Enjoy!

Something Good - 05/18/15
I finally finished my music video for "Something Good Can Work" by Two Door Cinema Club, compiling hours upon hours of 80's and 60's tv commercials in order to show off my mad editing skillz to potential employers. In other news, I made it into AAU's spring show!!! Woohoo!!!